5 Reason to Choose Iran

As a resident of Iran and according to the experiences with so many people from numerous countries, Iran is one of the amazing destinations around the world. In the near future, we’ll insert their opinions and experiences about Iran, separately.

Obviously, when you know about your destination as much as possible, you will experience more comfort, cozy and planned journey. Therefore, we want to provide a detailed information about Iran. To start, we want to take a look to Iran as a country… We know you heard a lot of bad news about Iran in the media, so we want to show you Iran by different way. News are political stories, so it’s better to ignore them and try knowing real Iran. Why Iran is a good destination?

From the North to South and West to East, you will find a corner showing a particular part of the history about human and nature. The dynasties that rose and fell, the wars, the romance stories, legends, Science and everything you can imagine, you will find in Iran. Probably you heard about Cyrus the Great. He is one of the kings causing proud of Iranian. You can find more information about each place in highlight section.

Kermanshah, Iran. Photo by Majid Ghorbani


According to National Geographic Magazine, Iran is home to one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, where turquoise-domed mosques, glittering palaces, and the tombs of long gone poets reveal the mysteries and intrigues of the ancients. Yet beneath the footprints of man lies an even lesser known, wilder Iran, brimming with remarkable geologic formations, ancient forests, and overgrown monuments that nature has reclaimed as its own.

Highlands of Gilan province. Photo by: Nader Attarha

In the other hand, it’s not important when you want come to Iran, every season is suitable for travelling in Iran and in sometimes during the year, you will see four season during you short North-South trip.

Persians (Iranians) are the most hospitable, kind and humble people that I’ve met in all my travels to 139 countries, Drew Binsky said. To Iranians, there is no importance where are you from, they are kind with you, always. If you ask from people who came to Iran, you will heard a lot of good stories about suggestions, helps, kindness and so on.

Christmas Eve, 2018. Forough Hotel, Shiraz. Photo by: Majid Ghorbani

In comparison with other countries, Iran is among the cheapest countries for tourists around the world. Depending on what you want to do and how many days you want stay in Iran you can manage your budget and explore to enjoy.

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