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Geotourism in Iran

Salt domes in the Great Kavir, the basalt prisms of Mako and the surrounding Kerman and Damavand, mud volcanoes in the Makran foothills, eroded stones in the form of a human fist in the Urmia Lake, and spectacular effects of wind erosion in the Lut desert margins are examples of different geological attractions. We could […]

Deserts of Iran 1

The deserts of Iran are located in the central plateau of the country and are enclosed by the Alborz, Khorasan and Zagros Mountains. These lands make up over 50% of Iran’s area. The desert lands are divided into two areas: the northern and larger basin, Dasht-e-Kavir; and the southern, smaller one, Dasht-e-Lout. Desert pits occur […]

Why Iran is a suitable destination for tourists?

As a resident of Iran and according to the experiences with so many people from numerous countries, Iran is one of the amazing destinations around the world. In the near future, we’ll insert their opinions and experiences about Iran, separately.